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Studio Directions

Rules & Policies


2019 Fall/2020 Spring classes run, starting August 12 and ending on June 6.

Fall/Spring Classes

  • Tuition is due on the first day of each 4 week pay period. The Academy accepts cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover for payment of tuition.
  • For your convenience, online payment and auto payment is available and encouraged. Tuition will be charged on the first day of the pay period for those enrolled in auto pay.
    After registering, registration fees and tuition will not be refunded.
  • Tuition will not be pro-rated for missed classes, nor will tuition be pro-rated if a class cannot be made up.
  • A $10.00 late fee will be applied if tuition is not paid within 14 days of the due date.
  • If past due tuition has not been paid by the start of the next pay period, an additional $15.00 billing fee will be applied. If an account remains in a past due status, admission to class will be denied.
  • A $25.00 fee is charged for all returned checks.

SRVDA Fall/Spring Pay Periods

2019-2020 Pay Period
Tuition Due
Tuition Late
(+$10 late fee)
Aug 12
Sep 8
Upon Enrollment
Aug 26
Sep 9
Oct 6
Sept 9
Sept 23
Oct 7
Nov 3
Oct 7
Oct 21
Nov 4
Dec 8
Nov 4
Nov 18
Fall Break Nov. 24 - Dec. 1 (No Classes/No Tuition Charged)
Dec 9
Jan 19
Dec 9
Dec 23
Winter Break Dec. 22, 2019 - Jan. 5, 2020 (No Classes/No Tuition Charged)
Jan 20
Feb 16
Jan 20
Feb 3
Feb 17
Mar 15
Feb 17
Mar 2
Mar 16
Apr 12
Mar 16
Mar 30
Apr 13
May 10
Apr 13
Apr 27
May 11
Jun 6
May 11
May 25


A 2-week notice, prior to the start of the pay period, is required when dropping from a class. Students who drop (stop attending class) without notifying the studio office are responsible for all tuition charges incurred; regardless of attendance, until the studio is notified.


Students must be properly attired and groomed to participate in class. NO GUM OR JEWELRY IN CLASS.

Ballet: Solid color leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet shoes. Ballet skirts, ballet sweaters, leg warmers optional. Hair must be securely pulled back in a bun.
Adult Ballet Students: Your choice of appropriate dance attire and Ballet shoes.

Jazz/Contemporary: Any style leotard or dance attire. No clothing may be worn that obstructs the view of the body (baggy t-shirts, pants). Jazz shoes. No street clothes or shoes may be worn. Hair must be securely pulled back.

Boys Ballet & Jazz: Sweatpants, dance pants, or shorts. T-shirts. Ballet/Jazz shoes.

Tap: Your choice of appropriate dance attire. Tap shoes.

Hip Hop: Comfortable workout attire. Tennis shoes.

Creative Dance: Girls: Solid color leotard, pink tights. Ballet skirts optional.
Boys: Sweatpants, dance pants, or shorts, t-shirts.
3-4): Shoes needed: Ballet only.

(4-6): Shoes needed: Ballet and Tap.


The Academy will do its best to provide make-up times for classes missed due to illness or other legitimate excuses. However, attendance is your responsibility and make-up classes are not guaranteed. Classes not in a June show are allowed 5 make up classes per class per season. Classes participating in a June show: 5 make ups are allowed per class from August 12, 2019 - February 16, 2020. Make ups will not be allowed in June Show classes beginning February 18, 2020 - June 6, 2020. Students must be currently enrolled to attend a make-up class. Make-ups must be done within one month of absence. Students must check in at the office and obtain a make-up slip before participating in the class. Students may not make-up a class prior to missing a class.


Our primary concern is the safety of our students. Parking is available on either side of the Academy or on the street. There is a drop off zone in front of the Academy. No waiting, parking, or double parking is permitted in the drop-off zone at any time. Faculty Only parking spaces are directly across from the front door; no student parking.


Students are expected to be quiet in class, pay attention at all times, and show respect for their teachers. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and will result in dismissal from class.


Admission to class will be denied if a student is more than 10 minutes late. Parents must not drop children off earlier than 15 minutes before their class and students must be picked up immediately following their last class. Parents are subject to a $15 charge, plus $1 per minute after 15 minutes, if a child is not picked up in a timely manner. The Academy cannot be responsible for overseeing students outside of class.


Please see office for information regarding private lessons.


The Academy cannot permit students to enroll in any class above their recommended level. Teachers have the exclusive right to determine the appropriate level. A 2-week notice prior to the start of the next pay period is required when dropping from a class.


Parents may observe classes during the following dates:

Sept 9 - 14
October 7 - 12
Nov 4 - 9
Dec 9 – 14
Jan 20 - 25
Feb 17 - 22
March 16 - 21

Please be mindful that loud talking, even in waiting areas, can be disruptive to a class. Coaching from the sidelines is not permitted. Siblings must be kept in control by parents and must not be left at the Academy without parental supervision.


No video or photography allowed without the permission of the Instructor and the other student’s parents, prior to the start of class.


Food and drinks (other than water bottles) are not allowed in the studios. Popcorn, crackers, or crumbly foods are not allowed in the lobby. Other food and drinks in the lobby will be allowed only if the area is picked up, and wrappers and waste are disposed of in the appropriate containers in front of the Academy.


Most classes run back to back, making it difficult to speak with instructors. If you have special concerns or questions, you may talk to personnel in the office; if necessary, messages will be passed on to instructors. If for any reason you will not be in class, please call to let us know. A student missing more than 2 weeks in a row without notifying the Academy is subject to replacement in classes with waiting lists.


Management is not responsible for lost or stolen property. In addition, all personal property must be brought with student to class and not left in the studio lobby. Any items left will be placed in our lost and found box located in the women’s restroom.


Students and/or parents who fail to adhere to the rules and policies set forth by San Ramon Valley Dance Academy will be subject to dismissal from the Academy. SRVDA reserves the right to refuse service to any student, parent, or legal guardian at any time.


  • August 12: Classes Begin!
  • August 23-25: Nutcracker Meeting & Auditions
  • September 32 Labor Day - No Classes
  • Nov. 24 - Dec. 1: Thanksgiving Break (No Classes)
  • December 7-8: Impressions of the Nutcracker
  • Dec. 22 - Jan. 5: Winter Break 2019 (No Classes)
  • April 27-28: Spring Concert (Fundraiser Show)
  • May 25: Memorial Day - No Classes
  • May 31: Little Dancers Day ("Children’s Dance" Recital)
  • June 6: Rising Stars (Lower Division Classes Recital)
  • June 6: Last Day of Classes!

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