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SRVDA Companies

The SRVDA Dance Companies have received national recognition for their talent, technique, training and performing abilities. The diversity and depth of SRVDA dancers are apparent with those who participate in multiple companies. They are able to transform from beautiful ballerinas, dancing an intricate variation from "Paquita," to dancers turning it up with the latest styles of hip hop and contemporary! The creative talents of the artistic directors are unsurpassed and their choreography is amongst the most innovative seen at major dance competitions today. There are currently four company divisions at the Academy and they include the following disciplines:

  • Senior Ballet Company - Artistic Director, Holly Morrow
  • Senior Jazz Company - Artistic Director, Mia Simonovic
  • Teen Ballet Company - Artistic Director, Gayle Farley
  • Teen Jazz Company - Artistic Director, Kristi Vizza / Jennifer Burgardt
  • Teen Tap Company - Artistic Director, Megan Ivey
  • Junior Ballet Company - Artistic Director, Holly Morrow
  • Junior Jazz Company - Artistic Director, Jennifer Burgardt
  • Apprentice Ballet Company - Artistic Director, Jan Manning

The goals for the companies are

  • To guide students to strive for excellence through discipline and hard work
  • To provide a performing outlet to talented students
  • To develop performance skills, self-confidence, and a sense of accomplishment through the medium of dance.