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The Academy is nationally recognized for its diverse class offerings and excellence in its training of all disciplines. Every student, from children to adults, from beginners to professionals, is a valued member of the SRVDA family.


Ballet - Jazz - Tap - Specialty Classes

SRVDA Dance Programs The Academy emphasizes the importance of technique in all dance disciplines; building a strong foundation so that movements can be executed correctly and safely is a primary goal. Classes do not focus on simply learning a routine, but on developing the properly trained dancer. Students are grouped in classes according to age and ability. A curriculum of over 125 classes per week assures that the appropriate level is offered for each student.

SRVDA Ballet Ballet - the classic form of dance that builds grace, beauty, poise, and strength. Ballet develops correct body placement, enriches mental and physical dexterity and enhances a sense of artistry in both children and adults. San Ramon Valley Dance Academy offers over 30 ballet classes per week (technique, pointe, & company classes), grouped according to age (children, teens, adults) and ability (beginning through advanced).

SRVDA Jazz Jazz - The dance of today that combines the arts of Ballet, Modern, Afro, and current dance trends to create a free style technique of movement, unlimited in expression. Jazz classes at San Ramon Valley Dance Academy begin with warm-ups and technique, continue with progressions, and end with combinations employing the many, diverse styles of jazz dance. Beginning, Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Divisions offer a wide range of skill levels in classes for children, teens and adults. The jazz faculty has studied under some of the country's most noted innovators in the field and have taken the art to new levels.

SRVDA Tap Tap - A dance form indigenous to America that traces its beginnings to African and Irish immigrants. Now enjoying its greatest revival, tap is fun for children and adults alike. Tap classes at the Academy are offered at all levels (beginning through advanced) and bring both traditional and innovative styles of tap to students in Junior, Teen, and Adult Divisions. The tap faculty shares a background of training under such tap legends as Stanley Kahn, Louis DaPron, Sam Weber and others; each continues to grow in the art.


  • Contemporary - the style that combines modern dance techniques with ballet, jazz, and natural forms of movement to create an imaginative and expressive cutting edge dance form.
  • Hip Hop - funky and fun; street dance brought to the classroom.
  • Lyrical - an interpretation of jazz through "poetry" of the body, fusing stylized, yet seamless movements of jazz with the elegance and grace of ballet.
  • Modern - a dance form about absolute, full body awareness, using abstracted ballet shapes with original and creative transitions.
  • Special Needs - a creative experience through the joys of dance for children with special needs.
  • Theatre Dance - A theatrical representation of a story that is performed to music by dancers.
  • Turns & Jumps - a class devoted exclusively to two of the most important elements of dance, turning and jumping, breaking down the technique to achieve correct and successful execution.